Week 15-Student Interview-Madison (Maddie) Vandenberg


My final student conversation of this semester was with another very nice and interesting girl, Madison Vandenberg. Throughout our conversation, I noticed we had a lot of similarities. To start, she is finishing her second year here, like me, and her current major is communication. Before this, Maddie was interested in biology and wanted to become a veterinarian because she loves animals, but she learned that it was really tough and decided she just wants to be around animals. She grew up in Long Beach and attended high school in Cerritos, where she met her best friend Hannah Drake. Maddie and Hannah have been really close ever since, and they are both in the same sorority, Alpha Phi.

When Maddie has some free time, she loves being outside and doing outdoor activities like: going to the beach with friends, hiking, etc. Right now, she has a retail job that she enjoys because the other employees that she works with are pretty cool and she gets to communicate with people all day, which she likes. We then started talking about different trips we’ve taken and when I said that I’ve been to New York, she said that she’s been there too. She went in the winter and although she wasn’t a big fan of the city, she liked the other parts of New York that surrounded the city. Maddie has also been to Hawaii before and she said she loves it there because of the beautiful beaches and great weather.

Another thing we had in common was if we were able to travel to wherever we wanted in the world, it would be Australia because the continent itself is one huge island and the people’s accents are really cool. The subject then somehow changed to our favorite cakes and she said red velvet cake with creme cheese frosting on top. I told her she should check out Nothing Bundt Cakes because their cakes are amazing. We then ended on what we were going to do during the summer and Maddie said she is going to the Caribbean! That sounds like a fun trip and I’ve always wanted to visit there. It was really fun talking with Maddie because she was so easy to talk to and sincere. I wish her the best of luck in the future and maybe we’ll meet again!

I’ve had an amazing time talking with someone new every week and realizing just how much we all have in common. It’s fun meeting new people and learning new things from them. These conversations have vastly improved my communication skills from being kind of shy to now confident, and I’m grateful that this class gave me the opportunity to make new friends along the way!

P.S. Here is Maddie’s own website, if you want to check it out: http://Madison Vanden Berg.com


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