Week 15-Artist Interview-Nathan Lewis, Mylinh Ngyuen, and Danielle Sterling





This was the final week of visiting the art galleries for my Art 110 class. There were so many cool drawings and paintings in all of the galleries that it was hard to pick which one I liked the best. It was neat because there were so many artists featured in each gallery and each artist was able to show some of their best work. The variety made this week’s experience fun and gave me lots to choose from. My favorites ended up being in the Gatov West and East galleries, and the artist’s creations I liked the most were Nathan’s, Mylinh’s, and Danielle’s.

Once I first walked in the gallery, Nathan’s skateboard drawings really stood out. I really enjoyed the color and how professional the work came out. I’ve seen many skateboards that have cool designs on the bottom, but nothing that compares to how detailed and creative Nathan’s drawings were. Nathan’s hard work over the years, coupled with the support he gets from his family and friends, helped him perfect his skills. The next set of drawings that I found interesting were Mylinh’s nature drawings. I have always loved being outdoors and in nature, so these drawings bring me back to those great times spent with friends. Some would say that her work is simple, but it is this simpleness that makes her work speak volumes and gives people a chance to form their own opinions. Mylinh has always loved creating art while growing up and continues to challenge herself and think outside of the box.

The scary forest drawing by Danielle was another great piece because it reminded me of my childhood. When I was younger, I was always scared of being in the woods at night and one time, I almost got lost while taking a night hike with some friends. It is this distinct feeling I get from her work that makes it great for me. Danielle loves to tell stories through her drawings and many various stories can arise through all of her drawings. The last picture I took was of a gas tank for a motorcycle that had a really awesome design. There was no artist statement listed next to it, so to whomever made it, I loved the design and I would put it on my motorcycle, if I had one.

I’ve had a great time this semester going to all of the art galleries on campus every Thursday and seeing what each artist creates. I have learned much more about art by actually getting out there and talking about it with these artists than sitting in a classroom and learning about it’s history. This class has taught me how to appreciate art in all the different forms it comes in, and to create your own opinion about it, instead of taking someone else’s word for it.


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