Week 14-Student Interview-Heather Hopkins


This week I had the pleasure of meeting a very nice and down-to-earth girl named Heather Hopkins. She is currently a freshman and commutes to CSULB from her home in Orange. Her major is fashion merchandising, just like my sister, but before it was business, like me. Heather said that she changed it after taking a tough business calculus class. Another cool thing I learned about her was that she is in the Alpha Phi sorority, just like Hannah who I talked to a couple of weeks ago! She said that she meets a lot of people through the sorority, all of the girls are really sweet and easy to talk to, including her, and that you can find jobs through postings.

One of the three jobs she has right now is dressing up as princesses for kid’s birthday parties! I thought that was a really awesome job and she said that she makes many contacts through it, it pays pretty well, and she gets to make those kids happy. During our conversation, her best friend, Sierra, stopped by and Heather jokingly said that another job is she pays Sierra to be friends with her because she is awkward and doesn’t have any friends. I felt better about myself after hearing that because I feel awkward sometimes on campus too and there is no way that Heather is not well-liked by everyone she meets. Her last job is that she is a principle actress for TV shows and movies! She used to do background acting like me, and now her goal is to become an actress. When I asked what her favorite job was for acting, she told me “True Blood”, but I thought she said “True Love” and her and her friend were cracking up after hearing that.

Other than going to school and working her jobs, Heather loves to be outdoors in her free time. She loves camping in Yosemite, skiing when she has friends to go with, and going to the beach, especially Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach. She told me it is the perfect place to take my date, because apparently they will be amazed. She also liked playing sports while growing up, especially gymnastics and volleyball. The one place she would love to visit would be Africa because she would like to do mission work there. After finishing my conversation with Heather, I realized that she is a very caring girl who wants to help people out and definitely has her priorities straight. This was honestly my favorite conversation this semester and I wish the best of luck to Heather in her acting career in the future. I need to ask for her autograph now before she becomes too famous!

Here is a link to Heather’s website: http://Heather Hopkins.com


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