Week 14-Artist Interview-Multiple Artists (BFA Show)

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At the art galleries this week on campus, there was only one huge show open, so I decided to check it out. The entire Gatov East and West gallery contained paintings and drawings from various BFA artists. The gallery had the title “Liminal”, which means the transition period from one stage of something to another. This title was correct and a smart choice because it represents the work of all of these aspiring artists and their transition, from showing their work in college art galleries to showing it in a worldwide public art gallery. I really enjoyed looking at all of their awesome works, but it was hard finding anyone to talk to. I will do my best to try to describe what they were going for and what I found interesting.

The first drawing I liked was the zebra-space drawing called Auriga by Rachel Gehrke. I felt like she really enjoys animals and she wanted to create something that would connect them all together. I really liked how she stuck with black and white in the drawing and I love animals too, so this one was one of my favorites this week. The next painting that stuck out was called Library by Dennis Simmons. Dennis likes to keep his colors toned down, so that it makes his work look more realistic. He said that life contains some gray spots, not all just black and white or super colorful all the time. His use of color definitely made his work look old-fashioned and antique, but my favorite part was seeing all of the attention to detail he used to make the items in his art look real. Another great work was the industrial piece Untitled by Diana Franco. I remember seeing a painting with similar themes like this earlier this semester, and I thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of the painting. It reminded me of all of the makings of a town.

The last painting I really liked was the very colorful landscape called Treecloud by Charles Banowetz. His use of colors in this piece really blew me away. I love using a variety of colors myself when drawing, so when I saw his mixture of colors, along with the incredibly detailed trees and clouds, I knew this would be my favorite. What made it even better was that it looked like nature, which I enjoy, so that aspect made it better for me. Overall, the entire two galleries filled with art were amazing, and it was much easier to understand the meanings of these paintings and drawings, since I make these more often than other types of art creations. These artists should be very proud of their work and eventually they will leave their liminal stage and cross over to public recognition.


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