Week 13-Student Interview-Jeremy Lie


Luckily, I was able to find this guy at the last minute on Thursday for my student conversation this week. The first thing that I learned about him was that he is an international student from Malaysia. He said that he is a film major right now and that there are much more opportunities out here than Malaysia, which is why he left home to transfer to CSULB. His main goal with this major is to become a big movie director in Hollywood, which I think is pretty cool. If he can’t achieve that goal, he will then get into making historical documentaries.

Before getting interested in film, he was initially intrigued with advertising, but quickly found out that it wasn’t his calling. He has realized, however, that anything involving cameras is his passion. I was able to relate with him about cameras because my dad is also really into photography. My dad and Jeremy both have Canon cameras, so I was able to ask him specific questions about his camera and tell him all of the benefits of my dad’s expensive, high-end 5D camera. Other than photography, Jeremy is also really into soccer. He started playing soccer at a very young age and when he started, he first played as goalkeeper because he had the best reflexes on the team and he was not worried about getting cleated by the other team’s forwards. After that, he transitioned to the center forward position because he liked to score and he was their best shooter.

Another interesting thing I learned about Jeremy was that he used to be in TV commercials in Malaysia when he was a kid. It was pretty cool when I told him that I also was a background actor in commercials, TV shows, and movies too when I was younger. I had such a fun time that I signed up with Central Casting LA a couple of years ago and started getting back into it again. Jeremy sounded interested about Central Casting when I told him my experience with it, so hopefully he checks it out and good opportunities come up for him, since that is the industry he’s interested in.


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