Week 13-Artist Interview-Shihori Nakayama




Shihori Nakayama’s art gallery this week really blew me away with her creativity and attention to detail in every artwork. Before getting into MA Illustration here at Long Beach, she did some work at California State University, Northridge. For her inspiration, she used imagery that was based on events in her life and people who are special to her. She said that the spacing between each of her pieces, like the last picture, is really important because they are all their own drawings, but they form together to create one huge masterpiece. That really impressed me because her drawings are created by pen and they are so intricate, that when it comes together, it looks really neat.

When looking at the detail of each of the drawings, I wondered how long it must have taken to complete each one. I have drawn many times before, but I don’t know if I would have the patience to complete something like this. She said that it did take a while to draw them out only because she tends to get bored easily when drawing, so she took many breaks throughout. Also, all of her drawings that were in the gallery this week were created last semester. When doing nature drawings, like the second picture, she would go out and take scenery pictures, think about them, and mentally recreate them to her liking.

She told me that she is on the shy side, so she likes to draw a lot of animals because she spends most of her time with them. Her goal with this is to build up enough work to create a portfolio, so that she can do some artwork in her free time. What I really like is that she uses her great memories for inspiration. It’s cool for viewers because they can feel like they are in her shoes when they see her work and it shows her life in another way than explaining it through words. Being able to say something through art without using words is a very powerful way of communicating, and it gives the viewer a chance to put their own interpretation on it.


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