Week 12-Student Interview-Hannah Drake


I had one of my favorite student conversations of this semester with a fun and very nice girl, Hannah Drake. It is her second year here at Long Beach and she decided to come here because it ended up being her last choice. She initially didn’t want to attend here because she knew a lot of her friends were going to come here and some other places she had in mind were ASU and NAU, but she said she chickened out and chose Long Beach. After staying here, Hannah said she couldn’t think of leaving California because she grew up in Long Beach and it is so nice out here. For her major, she said she wants to work with kids, but she also wants to do other things and can’t really make up her mind. I am the exact same way with business as my major, but I want to try out different options and see what fits me best.

One of the first things I noticed when I met her was that she had on an Alpha Phi sorority tank top. I asked her if she liked being in a sorority and she said that it is a lot of fun and she has made many new friends. Our conversation then changed to surfing and I said that I’ve always wanted to go surfing. Hannah told me that she used to go surfing with her dad, but one day she saw a huge stingray swim by and almost sting her, so she was done after that. The reason is she is very afraid of stingrays and sharks, like me, but she still likes to be active in other areas of her life too. In her free time, she likes to be outdoors, doing different activities like: going to the beach, spending time with friends, hiking, backpacking, and anything else that has to do with being outdoors. I told her that I am the same because you get to experience so much more than just sitting at home.

For the one place that she would love to visit if she had the chance, it would be Sicily, Italy because her family is from Italy and it is beautiful there. Over Spring Break, Hannah went to Las Vegas to relieve some stress from school and couldn’t go back to class for a few days. The last thing we talked about was something that was pretty serious, drowning. I forgot how it all came up, but I told her my story of how my sister and I almost drowned on the same day at a friend’s pool party and she seemed pretty concerned. She then told me a story not to include in this blog because it was embarrassing, but I have to just because she told me not to. When Hannah was a junior in high school, she and some friends took a boat out into the ocean to have fun. While they were out there though, Hannah slipped and hit her head on the boat and toppled over the side. No one noticed for a bit, but when they finally did, they had to perform CPR on her to save her. So after talking with Hannah for a while, I noticed we had a lot of similarities and she seemed to be really easy going. I really enjoyed talking with her and hopefully we meet again soon in another class in the future!

You should go take a look at Hannah’s website here: http://Hannah Kay Drake.com


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