Week 12-Artist Interview-Piet Eppinga




For this week’s art gallery and artist conversation, I decided to choose a ceramics gallery that was a little different, but luckily I already had some experience with ceramics in high school. I enjoyed Piet’s gallery because he actually took the time to walk around his gallery and explain what every piece meant and why he created it. His inspiration to use clay as his medium for art came from his childhood when he had to the chance play around with it a lot. He said that his use of clay helped him connect with his ancestors and gave him a chance to think about human life and the different aspects about it.

My favorite work of art from Piet’s gallery was the one called “Father and Son.” It is the second picture that I posted and I like it so much because he said that it represents a son having to depend and lean on his dad for help. I can relate to this because I have asked for so much help from my dad while growing up and he has always been there to support me. My dad and I have always had a great relationship and that support has helped me become the person I am today. All of his works had a different meaning about life that made me stop and think a little bit more about how I can apply it to my life. I can relate to his work since I have created these types of work before and I really enjoyed seeing all of the other galleries as well.


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