Week 12-Activity-Algorithmic Art




Procedure for making my lightning clay sculpture:

1. Buy a block of clay and add a little bit of water to it to make it easier to mold.

2. Take a piece of clay off, put it in a container, add a lot of water, and mix it around to create a watery paste you will use to connect your clay together.

3. Tear off a piece of your clay and start mixing it around in your hands to create an even texture.

4. For this sculpture, you will use the coil method. This method consists of taking off little pieces of clay and rolling them on a surface to make them thin and oval-shaped.

5. To connect your coil pieces, take a sharp knife and make little cuts on the edges you want to put together. On these edges, use some of the paste you created earlier to help create a seal.

6. Continue this process vertically until you reach your determined height.

7. To close the top and bottom of the sculpture, you will need to use the slab method. For this method, take a small piece of clay, roll it out smooth, and cut out the shape you need; in this case, it will be a circle.

8. Add your slabs to the top and bottom using the cutting method and paste.

9. To make the lightning design, use a sharp edge that is slightly curved and make small indents along the side of the project. You can make whatever design you want though.

10. Let your work dry out for a bit until it becomes white, then put it in a kiln. A kiln is like a huge oven that fires your clay and makes it really hard.

11. After it fires and cools off, you can add some color by painting it. Use even strokes and make two heavy coats of paint so that the color shows up better.

12. Fire it once again in the kiln and when it cools off, admire your finished product!

This is the same procedure I used to create many of my projects when I was in my ceramics class in high school. My teacher gave the class some guidelines to follow on our first few projects and also the methods we would be using, so after we finished those, we were able to make our projects any way we wanted to. I loved this class because she let us be so creative by giving us a theme for each new project and letting us create whatever we wanted. The last two pictures on this post were some of the later works in the year, so I created my own steps and made it the way I wanted to. My teacher also gave me lots of encouragement and always said that my work turned out really good each time.

Looking at my results, I would say that these steps are really helpful in creating beautiful ceramics pieces. Other students in my high school class would create amazing works of art, but I was always happy with what I made. Before this class, I thought that I wasn’t creative at all, but after I took it, it really changed the way I look at art. The main idea is just to have fun making whatever you want and letting out your creative side. It’s an interesting way of making art and also very satisfying when it stays together. If you would like to try this out, it is a lot of work, but it is worth it in the end and it can also help relieve you of stress.

This is the last art activity of this semester of Art 110. This class has been so different from all of the other classes I’ve taken here at CSULB in a great way. I have really enjoyed creating all sorts of art using many different mediums, from spray paint, to social media, to using fiber, and also plaster. I have created so many memories with so many friends I’ve made in this class and family while working on these activities every week. I’m really glad that our professor, Glenn Zucman, had our class make our own websites and document our process for each activity. I will have fun looking back on these memories and being thankful that this wasn’t a normal intro to art class.


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