Week 11-Student Interview-Kha Dinh Tran


I got a chance to speak with Kha Dinh Tran for my student interview, and she was really nice. She is a sophomore and her major right now is healthcare administration because she feels like she is better at Biology than Chemistry. She wants to work in a hospital handling paperwork, like payments, insurance, filing, etc. She just wants to be able to communicate with people and help them out. Her reason for taking this class was to fulfill one of her GE’s for art, but after a while, she has come to enjoy this class, as have I.

I then asked Kha Dinh if she liked any sports or played any in high school, and she replied that she didn’t because she thinks that the people playing sports are too aggressive and she gets stressed when trying to play. The one sport that she does like to do, however, is swimming, because it helps to relax her and she gets good exercise from it. She said that her parents made her take swimming lessons as a kid for 6 years and now she just likes to swim in her free time with her friends. Another thing she loves to do with her friends is what many college females love to do, go shopping. She told me that shopping really eases her stress from school and life in general.

Shopping is one of the things Kha Dinh did during her Spring Break, along with sleeping and hanging out with friends at Thousands Steps in Laguna Beach. One last thing I love to ask people is the one place they would love to travel to if they had the time and money. Her answer was Paris because she loves the community there, has heard really good things about that place, and you guessed it, shopping! It was great meeting with Kha Dinh this week, and I hope she continues to excel in life.

Here is her website: http://Kha Dinh Tran.wordpress.com


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