Week 11-Activity-Plaster Casting

image image image

The activity this week for my Art 110 class was definitely one of my favorite ones of this semester. This week’s activity consisted of going to any beach and creating a plaster model of your hand or foot. I decided to make my hand, but the results didn’t turn out so great, as you can see in my last picture. However, the experience I had that day was the most important part to me and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

On Saturday, my friend, Matt, and I worked on this project together to make the process a little easier. The first thing we had to do was go buy some plaster and get some mixing sticks at Home Depot. When we got there, some workers gave us wrong directions on where to find plaster and when we finally were shown where we could find it, we must have passed by it like 5 times without noticing. Once we finally found it, we decided to head to Sunset Beach since Matt thought that Huntington State and City Beach would both be crowded. We ended up ditching that decision because Matt said that the lifeguards on this beach are pretty strict. Eventually, we wound up going to Seal Beach where Glenn said to meet up and when we got there, we only found two other people from our class working on their projects. After talking with them for a bit, we chose to head away from the crowded pier and set up camp for some sculpture building.

I brought a shovel to help us dig our holes and carry wet sand to create the molds around our hands. Matt brought an empty milk gallon and cut it in half for the mixing of the plaster. Then, I came up with the idea of pouring the wet plaster through the opening of the top half of the milk container to help make the filling process easier. When I went to mix my plaster for my hand, I didn’t realize how fast plaster hardens and when we tried to pour it into my hand mold, it went in like chunks of concrete. I knew after I put it in that it wouldn’t turn out good at all, and it ended up breaking in half. Even though my results weren’t what I expected, I had some great laughs along the way, Matt and I were able to play some football while waiting for the plaster to dry, and we were able to have a conversation with our art teacher, Glenn, who brought really good cinnamon iced tea.


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