Week 10-Student Interview-Jasmine Barnum


I had a great time last week getting to talk with Jasmine Barnum. She seemed like a very open person and our conversation was nice. We are both in our second year here at Long Beach, and she is currently majoring in health science. She joined the HSSA club on campus to volunteer in her field of health science, and she really wants to get into occupational therapy. Even though Jasmine is only taking this class for her GE with the thought of not becoming an art major, like me, she finds this class as a great experience to learn more about the culture of art and what drives people to create what they create.

Right now, Jasmine works a lot at a place called Creamistry, so that she can save up enough money for things she likes, including camping. She told me that she loves to go camping with her friends at many various locations, but her favorite spot is in San Onofre. She showed me some pictures of when she last visited there, and said it was a great location because it is not too expensive to stake a spot and you are right next to the ocean. Two other things she loves to do in her free time is snowboarding and surfing. Overall, she just loves being in the outdoors and doing many activities with friends.

I was really able to connect with Jasmine last week and find a lot of similarities between us. She seemed to know what she wanted to do after college and knows how to set her priorities. Having conversations like this has really benefitted me in many ways, and learning to create these connections is very important. I hope Jasmine continues to succeed in her aspirations, and it will be interesting to see the conversation I have with the next person I meet.

Here is a link to her website: http://Jasmine Barnum.com


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