Week 10-Artist Interview-Dawn Ertl




At the CSULB art galleries last week, there were a variety of great artworks up for display. The artwork that really caught my attention was located in the Gatov East and West Galleries. When I first walked in, I saw this huge set of yarn weaves all tangled together hanging from the ceiling. The artist, Dawn Ertl, said that before creating these works, she had never really worked with fiber before. What I initially liked about this piece of art was all the different colors that were involved.

I learned that the name of this project was “One Nation Under God.” Dawn Ertl’s description was that this piece was portraying us being a nation that is separate from God, but yet we are still close to him in spirit. The variety of colors told me that this art had different ideas or parts coming together to form one cohesive unit. The togetherness of this project reminded me of all the times I have worked with other people to get something done. From working as a team playing sports to working with a variety of other people to finish group projects, I have learned that working together as an efficient team will always help you achieve your goal.

The other half of her gallery was dedicated to these colorful weavings that were hanging down close to each other. She told us that these projects were about climate change and weather. In order to create the intricate patterns on the weavings, she would take data from weather patterns and maps and draw them on various sheets. Then, she would transfer them onto her weavings. This was very creative because her findings of the weather patterns are very time-consuming and have to be precise. Overall, what motivates her is the connection that we, as people, have with the environment. She thinks if we are nice to it, in return, it will be nice to us.


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