Week 10-Activity-Student Choice




The activity for this week in my Art 110 class is supposed to be anything we wanted to do, so I decided to have a little fun with photography and create something different. A couple of weeks ago at the art galleries, my friend, Matt Do, showed me a cool way to take a panorama picture by freezing the person in one spot and having them continually going behind you and moving to the right in each frame. It turned out so cool that I had to recreate it at another location and this weekend was the perfect time.

My family and I had a crazy Saturday planned over the break. My sister was going to take a tour of the San Francisco State University campus to get a better feel of the school and help her make a decision on where she wants to go to college. We left on Saturday morning at around midnight, visited the campus for a few hours, went down to Fisherman’s Wharf after, and finally drove home the same day and arrived at 3:30 in the morning the next day. The whole idea was insane, but it made for a very fun day and I was able to get some cool pictures while I was on campus. My sister saw an interesting bench while we were walking around, so we created those cool panoramic pictures that showed us in three different positions in the same picture. Also, my sister took the last picture of me sleeping on the bench with a fisheye attachment lens.

This choice of art was very fun, but wasn’t so easy to create at the beginning. We kept having trouble with not capturing enough of our body and the pictures that resulted were kind of creepy. One just had me laying on the bench with part of my legs invisible, and another was of my sister hanging on to a light pole and only capturing her head and one of her arms. We were able to get past those difficulties over time and the pictures that resulted were great. I found this as an awesome way to capture a sequence of motions and it was funny to see myself multiple times in a picture. I thank Matt for showing me how to do this, and I would definitely recommend that people try this out for themselves.


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