Week 9-Artist Interview-Lesley Nishigawara




The artist’s creations that spoke to me the most this week was Lesley Nishigawara’s. I had a nice conversation with her, but unfortunately I can’t write about anything she said because she didn’t understand what we were going to do with this information. She didn’t want any of us quoting what she talked about, even though we told her that we were getting information to write about in our blogs. The one thing I will mention is that she is one of the participants in the MFA advancement show. So instead of talking about what her inspirations were in creating these art works and the process she uses to create them, I will describe how I feel about the pieces and talk about my experiences with this type of work.

When I walked into the Dutzi gallery, these awesome pieces of work caught my eye instantly. I really liked the patterns that were created on each piece and also the colors from the second photo I took. When looking at the entire piece from a distance, I tried to create images that I saw in each one, and tried to see what the artist was wanting to convey. My experience with this type of work was when I had more type to dabble in art in elementary school. We never did anything this complex, but creating our artwork using paper mache and other mediums always expanded my creativity and made art fun. All my life I have been interested in different patterns when making things, and seeing Lesley’s work really inspired me.

I’m sad that I wasn’t able to share any interesting information on her technique this week in my post. It was still fun, though, getting to talk with her and see her work, and I hope that she continues to do well in her advancement. Getting the opportunity to see all of the galleries every week helps me experience all of the various ways of expressing yourself through art. Being able to connect with many of these artists hopefully shows them that we, as a class, are truly interested in their work, and that their effort was well spent.


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