Week 9-Student Interview-Anthony Gonzalez

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I had a really nice conversation this week with my new friend, Anthony Gonzalez. He is completing his second year here like me and he is also a business management major, with a minor in entrepreneurship. He told me that he really wants to open and run his own gym since he is really into boxing. He actually teaches some boxing classes here at Long Beach in the SRWC gym and said that it is a great way to learn some self-defense and let off some steam after a tough day.

While Anthony was growing up, he took Taekwondo for 5 years and rose through the ranks until he reached black belt. In high school, he joined water polo his freshman year and he told me how rough the sport is, even though most of the rough housing occurs under the water. For his work, Anthony is a swim instructor for little kids in Huntington Beach and also a boxing instructor here on campus. An awesome thing he told me is that he trained a friend in boxing who eventually became a professional!

When I told him that I was actually interested in business management as well, he told me about an organization that will help me build great skills in business. It’s the Student Center for Professional Development, and you complete sessions that will help you develop into a leader and gain contacts through networking. I’m thankful that I met Anthony this week because he introduced me to a very helpful resource and we connected instantly. I hope to see him again in future business classes and continue to build my networking contacts in this class.

Also, here is the link to Anthony’s website: http://fulfilledfitness.wordpress.com


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