Week 9-Activity-Architecture & Urban Planning

Cognitive Map:image

Adopt A Building:image


I chose CSULB’s University Student Union because I visit this building daily and it has multiple uses for all students. When my mom went to CSULB over 30 years ago, she told me that the students only used the USU as a pathway between classes or to talk with your friends or classmates. It was originally created as a center for students to socialize or do homework between classes, but many students didn’t utilize this resource. As the years went on, students started to see the need for this student union, so the organization ASI, Associated Students, Inc., started to think of new ideas on how to improve our USU.

They first started with expanding the size of the USU. They added additional layers and small attachments for additional places to study or hold events. One of these attachments is a 24 hour study area, that’s secluded and quiet, which I use once or twice a week to do some homework between classes or study for an exam. The ASI has also created many areas to do free time activities, such as: a bowling alley, some pool tables, TV areas, an electronics Game Center to play video games, and a theater room to hold guest speakers or movies. On the next floor, there is a food court, an outdoor eating area with nice scenery, and ballrooms to hold special events. Referendums are also created and open to student voting for future revisions of the USU. Overall, the USU is very useful for many students and it contains many helpful resources available to all students.

Redesign The CSULB Campus:image

For my drawing of the redesigning of our campus, I drew a basic idea of what our campus looks like now and a basic idea of what would make our campus better. Like many students probably chose, I really wanted to change the design of our parking system so that students who started their first class on the upper part of campus wouldn’t have to walk for 15-20 minutes after parking to get to class. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, my first class is located in the AS building near the library, and there have been multiple times where I’ve been a little late because the walk to class is so long. With my additions of some extra parking areas near the top part of campus, parking will be easier to find for students and accessibility to their classes will be much better.


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