Week 8-Student Interview-Oumar Kamara


This week, I was able to meet a very personable guy named Oumar Kamara. When we started talking, I noticed that we had a lot of similarities between us, like it is his second year here at Long Beach and we are both Business majors too. He said that he wanted to get into international business because he has traveled all his life and he has lived in many different places while growing up. When he was 8, he moved to Senegal for a while and said that he really liked it there. He learned a lot while he was there, liked French and Wolof, and said it helped become the person he is today.

Oumar is 20 years old and at Carlsbad High School, he played on the football team as a cornerback. When he isn’t busy with homework or other obligations, he likes to listen to music, go to the gym and hang out with friends to pass time. When he asked me if I was working while going to school, I told him no, but that I used to be a background actor when I was a kid and a little bit last year when I had some free time. He was really surprised and thought that it was cool that I did that, but it’s difficult with the schedule I have this year. When I showed him a clip of myself from a kid’s TV show, he flipped and I told him that he should try to do it too.

He then went on to tell me that he grew up in Queens, New York, then traveled to Senegal, then came to California when he was in his teens. For places that he would like to visit, he said either London or Australia because he likes their accents. Oumar was very easy to talk with and we shared many memories from when we were kids. I hope to see him in some of my business classes later on so we can catch up again. I wish this assignment was in all of my classes so that it would be easier to have conversations with more people and create new friends.


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