Week 8-Artist Interview-Kezia Fullerton

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At the art galleries this week, I saw a lot of cool art works, from juicing to talking about a violent past to fiber arts. When my friend and I visited the Dutzi gallery, we became interested when we saw large yarn pieces hanging from the walls and some even touching the floor. I was really amazed by this work only because my sister is taking a fiber arts class as well and I know how long these projects take. I liked how she incorporated a lot of color into each one and how detailed each one turned out. There wasn’t a whole lot in the gallery, but that was because she told me that she had just started recently.

When I talked with Kezia, I asked her how long each project took. I guessed that the long yarn pieces took quite a while, like a few weeks, because my sister was making similar projects like these but much smaller. She said that she started doing fiber arts when she was about 19 or 20 because one of her teachers got her interested and she said she felt “at home” while doing this. Each one that she creates is inspired by a friend and is supposed to represent them in some way. Also, while she was talking to us, she was starting on another project that is similar to the small-stringed pieces she makes, only this one was much bigger. It was interesting watching her create it and she said she was frustrated because it was taking so long to make.

The thing with these projects is that they are not very hard to create, but they are very time-consuming and you must have a lot of patience. Kezia was very easy to talk to and very nice, and she was pretty surprised that I knew a little about what she was doing. I know that my sister would have loved to check out her gallery too and would probably get a lot of pointers from her. Visiting these galleries has shown me how vast art can be and how creative people are. You can easily find a piece to connect to and getting to speak to the person who created it helps them see what other people are getting from their work, which must be a cool feeling.


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