Week 7-Student Interview-Edgar Bueno


My student interview this week with Edgar Bueno was very interesting and was actually set up by one of my friends in this class. Matt introduced me to Edgar and the conversation took off instantly. He first told me that he was a freshman and that he lives in Bellflower. He attended Bellflower High School and played on the soccer team when he was there. Like my sister, he also plays soccer on a club team and they travel to many different states to play. He plays the position: center attacking midfield, where you create opportunities for your team to score and you also have the chance to score. Also while he was in high school, his soccer coach made the team join cross country to improve their endurance and speed. He ended up making Varsity and became very quick after the cross country season was over and was the second-leading goal scorer on the team that year.

Edgar then told me that he was majoring in sociology to become a dentist. He said that he was interested in that major and it’s a requirement to becoming a dentist, but that he will also have to take many more years of medical school. He became interested in becoming a dentist because one of his relatives is a dentist and she told him about all of the benefits dentists have: choosing your schedule, earning big bucks, and getting to help others out. When I asked him about one place that he would like to travel to, he said it would have to be Bora Bora because he’s heard that it’s beautiful there and he loves places where he would be close to a beach. I told him that he could end up buying a house there if he decides to become a dentist.

Edgar’s favorite memory is the story of how he got the scar on his chin. When he was eight, he and his family took a trip to Vegas and stayed at a nice hotel along the Strip. When he got there, like all kids, he wanted to instantly check out the pool because there is not much else you can do at that age in Vegas. He challenged his cousin to a race to the pool and since he had slippers on, he tripped and hit his chin on the elevator to go down to the pool. He was really upset because he had to get stitches and wasn’t allowed to go in the pool at all during the trip. I had a great interview with Edgar and I’m starting to see myself open up more after doing these interviews every week. Each one brings something new and exciting to learn.


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