Week 7-Artist Interview-Juliette Angulo


My favorite gallery this week was Juliette Angulo’s photography gallery because I liked how she cut out the frame of the body of someone in each picture. I really like photography and I have never seen that before, so I had to learn more. She described the whole backstory of the person who was cut out in each picture: her sister. She said that her sister wanted to join the army, which I think is really brave, and she is currently an Apache helicopter mechanic. JulietteĀ decided to cut out the body of her sister in every photo to represent the emptiness that she feels with her sister not around. She said before her sister left, those two and their brother were very close. I know how she feels because I’m very close with my sister and I’ll feel lonely and empty when she leaves for college, wherever she goes.

Juliette’s pictures are of her sister at the training camps in South Carolina and El Paso, Texas. Her sister was deployed in November to Kuwait and she will be there for 9 months before she gets to return home. Her sister is 21 years old and to keep in touch with her, Juliette and her brother Skype with her all the time. I could tell by Juliette’s narration of her story that she is really close to her sister and cares enough to want to share her story with the world. To capture these photos, she used a Canon 60D camera. When I asked my dad about this camera, he said that it is a very good quality camera body, but there are other models that are even better, like the one he has, the Canon 5D.

Overall, I enjoyed her story about her sister entering the army and thought that the pictures she was creating were very unique. My interest in photography has really grown over the years, and seeing pictures like these really fascinates me. I know that if my dad was able to view the gallery, he would love the pictures too. They are all very sentimental and really makes her sister stand out. I hope Juliette’s sister’s time in the army is a great one and that she arrives home safely.


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