Week 7-Activity-Landscapes With A Corpse


This week’s art activity involved a very bizarre theme: thinking about your own death and capturing the moment. Initially, I really had no idea how I was going to come up with something to satisfy this requirement, until I brought it up with my family over the weekend. This past weekend, I was up in San Bernardino watching my sister play soccer and when I told my family about this assignment, my sister helped me come up with a lot of ideas. She was playing in a pretty rural area that was close to a highway, so I made the decision to fake my death near the highway and also on a road that led to the soccer fields, that wasn’t very busy.

For my first picture, I laid out close to a gate near a highway to portray someone throwing my dead body over the gate and behind some small bushes for cover from sight of other drivers on the highway. In my second picture, I pretended to get hit by a car and another car that is driving by stops when they see my body on the road. This scene was a little bit tougher to create because I didn’t want to block any cars trying to drive by or actually get hit by a car, but the picture turned out great because of the headlights highlighting my body. This scene was pretty funny too because there were some cars that were driving by and they stopped near me to see if everything was ok. Those people were probably wondering why there were people taking pictures of a body sprawled out on the ground in front of a car.

I actually had a fun time trying to think of creative ways to picture my death and it was very awkward to find a position that looked realistic. I definitely would not like to die in these circumstances though, and like most people, I would prefer to go in my sleep because I think it is the most peaceful way to go.


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