Week 6-Student Interview-Benjamin Zhou

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My interview this week was with a very nice and chill guy, Benjamin Zhou. He is from West Covina and went to South Hills High School. He is very similar to me in that he really enjoys playing basketball with friends, but doesn’t like playing really competitively and never played in high school. I did play in high school, but only for a year because it started to get seriously competitive and I never got much playing time. During my interview, he told me that it is his first year here at CSULB and that his major is business, like me, specializing in either finance or marketing. He told me that he doesn’t want a job where you just sit in a cubicle and can’t talk to anyone, but where you are working with many other people to accomplish tasks.

When choosing Long Beach over other schools, like many other people I’ve talked to, he said that he chose this university because it has great programs and that it was really close to home. Even though he lives close to home, he chose to dorm on campus. Also like me, he doesn’t work since he focuses a lot on school, but thinks it would be fun getting to have that experience. I told him that the only work I’ve done was with some background acting when I was a kid and a little bit recently. It is a blast to go on set and see many stars you see on TV, but it’s hard to fit that in with my schedule right now.

In his free time, Benjamin loves to play basketball, skateboard, play his guitar a little, and play computer video games. The last thing I wanted to know was where he would choose to travel to if he got the chance. He said many of the major countries in Europe, like England, Italy, and France, but also Australia too. I would love to visit Australia because the people there seem really cool and I think their accent is awesome. It was very neat to see how many things I have in common with Benjamin and also everyone else I’ve met so far in this class. I never thought that I could be so similar to so many other people.


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