Week 6-Artist Interview-Alanna Marcelletti

image         image

In the Gatov-West Gallery this week, artist Alanna Marcelletti had some amazing pieces of work. Her gallery was called “Thread Bared” and that was exactly what her artwork was. She would start out with a frame and sometimes had color in the background, but most of the art was painted on a very fine, transparent sheet. With the painting on the sheet, mixed with the colors in the background, her artwork had somewhat of a 3D effect which I really liked and probably drew me in. I just thought that you must have a lot of creativity to even think of something like that, and for it to all come together how it did just made it even better.

In her interview, she said that she has always loved art since she was a kid and spent a lot of time working on becoming better. When she had summer school as a kid, all she would do was make art and said that the time used to go bye so quickly because she was so focused on each project and making them great. Alanna described her artwork as “feminism from a domestic standpoint.” She also said that her artwork can be interpreted differently every time it’s displayed because of lighting or the type of day someone is having. A perfect example is that “dress” debate that’s happening right now, where some people see blue and black and some people see white and gold. I think it’s interesting that a dress could spark such a huge debate, but what she said is true about all artwork and why it is cool to go back and see the same artwork multiple times.

A lot of what Alanna said during the interview made sense and she seems to have a good idea of what she wants to do in the future. My favorite thing she said was when starting each project, she has a broad idea of what she wants to do, but the fun part is playing around with that idea until it turns out the way it does. I feel like this could apply to anything you do. You always have an idea of what you want to do at certain points in your life, but the best part is playing around and going through all of the experiences you have until everything just comes together and feels right.


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