Week 6-Activity-Yarn Bombing

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I had a great time with this week’s art activity of yarn bombing. After seeing the video this week in class of the woman bombing a New York subway train with yarn, I had a feeling that it would be very fun and bring some joy to people who see it, but that it would also take a while to do. I decided to yarn bomb a Japanese pagoda stone that my grandparents bought when they lived in our house. It was definitely a lot tougher to wrap around with yarn than a tree, but it was also more satisfying and I think it looks cooler. Another reason why I enjoyed this project is because my sister helped me with wrapping the yarn around the stone and helped me pick out the colors.

My sister is taking some design classes in high school right now and she is really into art and design, so when she heard about what our class was doing this week, she wanted to help me with this. Luckily in her class right now, they are using yarn to knit scarves, so I had a variety of colors to choose from. It was really tough keeping each strand close together and wrapping it through the small openings we had, but it gave me time to joke around with my sister and the color variety turned out pretty cool.

Compared to the graffiti writing I did in week 2, yarn bombing seemed to be a little more fun and turned out much better too. Graffiti writing was a more basic project since we could only write our name, but this project let us use yarn or fabric in different ways and on various objects to create whatever we wanted. People might think that this type of project is more feminine, but guys can have fun doing this too. I had a great time and all of my neighbors who saw my sister and I working on this thought that it was really neat and said they really liked the colors. I feel like any type of art project can be fun for anyone as long as they have the right attitude going into it.


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