Week 5-Student Interview-Guillermo Vargas

image                      image

The guy that I interviewed this week, Guillermo Vargas, seemed like a really cool guy and we had a lot in common. For example, he said that he chose CSULB because it was his cheapest option, since out-of-state schools are usually more expensive, and that it was really close to home for him. Also, he enjoys hanging out with friends while camping or going to the beach. In particular, he said that he really likes nature and enjoys doing things outside, like camping, hiking, or just sitting outside and watching people or animals. It is his first year at Long Beach and he is an engineering major because his dream job is to engineer motor vehicles, sort of like his uncle, who is a designer and engineer.

Guillermo is from Los Angeles and went to high school at St. John Bosco. While he was there, he played baseball and was also on the wrestling team. He told me that baseball was his favorite sport and that he also wanted to try wrestling, even though he had never tried it before. When he joined the team, I guess he was placed immediately into a big tournament and he was nervous because he’d just started and only knew one move to take the other person down. What surprised me though was that he took second place in the entire tournament using only that one move, so he must have been very quick and strong. Guillermo said he is good at almost all sports and can easily pick up that sport after playing for a bit, like me.

When asking him about his favorite things, he told me his favorite dish in the world is ribs, but he likes a variety of other items too, like Mexican food and Korean BBQ. For music, he also likes a wide variety and, like me, will choose what music he listens to depending on what’s going on at the moment. He will listen to R&B during slow times or when he is by himself, rap when he wants to get pumped up before an event, etc. Guillermo’s favorites are rap, hip hop, and edm because they all have really good beats and beats are what gets him motivated. I had a great time talking to him and I hope we can become good friends after this year because we have so many similar interests. Can’t wait to see who I meet next week!


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