Week 5-Artist Interview-Brianna Allen

image                       image

This week’s visit to the art galleries on campus consisted of many great pieces of work and learning more styles of art. Some of my favorite pieces of work this week were in the Gatov East gallery and I got to interview Brianna Allen a little bit before she had to go, since my classmate interview went on for a while. In the interview, she said that she first started creating with jewelry before moving on to metal. She was instantly attracted to metal because it would not continue to move or change after it was complete, unlike paint on ceramics after being fired in a kiln or just regular paintings with the color not being what you envisioned.

This gallery was very fun to look around in because everything consisted of some type of metal, which is different from the normal paintings or drawings. Using different metals can probably make some interesting and cool works of art that wouldn’t normally be possible with other materials. The pieces that stood out to me where the ones posted on here, with the ones on the left picture being very detailed and some can be used for jewelry, and the right was my favorite because it was a metal chess set placed on black and white sand, which must have taken forever to get the squares looking sharp.

I loved the silver and gold colors painted over the metal pieces and the chess set was my favorite because it brought me back to a time when I used to play chess as a kid. My parents bought me a chess set when I was young, but I never used it because I didn’t know how to play. After going to school one day and seeing a classmate of mine playing, I eventually learned and I taught my sister how to play so that I could play against her at home. We were both pretty bad at it, but it helped us to use our minds in new ways of thinking and it also helped bring us closer together because we had so much time to talk between turns. This might have been my favorite gallery so far this year, but there is so much more to see in the following weeks that I might not be able to say that for long.


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