Week 5-Activity-Kickstarter

This week’s Art 110 activity consisted of going to the website “Kickstarter” to take a look at how people fund their ideas they want to create. The activity was to search through two areas of projects that I thought were interesting, and to choose one video that I really liked from each category and one video that didn’t really appeal to me or didn’t explain their idea well enough. The two categories that I choose were food and technology because those categories play very big roles in my life and they are very interesting to learn more about. After searching around for a while, I found some ideas that I would personally fund and some ideas that I thought would not last long.

In the first area: food, an idea that I really liked and hope they grow is “Green Pea Cookie.” They are a group of three people who bake cookies in their house, for the moment, out of green peas. At first, I thought that making cookies from green peas would taste nasty, but the video showed the creators walking around, handing out free samples, and everyone saying how good they are because they are both salty and sweet. Their video was well put together and they definitely sold me on their idea. The idea that I didn’t really care for was “Traveling Bevz.” It was created by a women who likes to make healthy beverages, that sometimes includes chocolate, and she wants to be able to travel and provide her drinks for companies. I didn’t really like her idea because their are so many places that already make drinks that she described, and people are easily able to make these types of beverages too because they are practically smoothies. I believe Green Pea Cookie can be a big success and Traveling Bevz will fail quickly.

For the second area: technology, the idea that I thought was very smart and I would probably use was the “Qmote.” I thought their product was very sleek-looking and handy. It is a remote that connects to your phone so that you can use it to do various things that you need, like using it to call your phone if you lost it or hitting the snooze button for your alarm. Their idea could become popular very quickly with our world being so digitalized and people constantly using their phone for everything. It can be a very nice replacement for your phone and it is also waterproof. The idea that didn’t pull me in was “EnginEx.js.” It’s an idea to help people create websites easier and better using Javascript. I didn’t like the video because it was hard to hear what he was saying over the music playing in the background and he used technology jargon that a lot of people probably wouldn’t understand. I also think there are many other places that you can use to create a great website. Overall, I really enjoyed seeing the ideas people had on “Kickstarter” and I hope that many of the ideas on there will be funded and have much success.


Pitch video I enjoyed: Green Pea Cookie

Pitch video that wasn’t as good: Traveling Bevz 


Pitch video I enjoyed: Qmote 

Pitch video that wasn’t as good: EnginEx.js 


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