Week 4-Student Interview-Priscella Lopez

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My interview this week was with an interesting student, Priscella Lopez. We started out our conversation by mentioning our majors, with hers being healthcare administration. She said that she initially wanted to be a doctor, but that it would take many more years in graduate and medical school, so instead she wanted to work in a medical building, working with numbers and finance. I told her that her interest was a little like mine because I’m good with numbers as well and was thinking about hotel management or some type of business area.

Some of her interests are playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and going to the beach, all things that I enjoy doing in my free time as well. Like me, this is her second year, but she is still considered a freshman because of her unit count. Another thing we have in common is that we both really like going to concerts, and her favorite group is Los Temerarios, who was having a concert this weekend, but she couldn’t go because the tickets were way too expensive. I also learned that, like many people, she wants to live her whole life and start her family in California. I love California as well, but I would also love to travel all throughout the United States and other countries in my life if I had the money.

I’m always nervous trying to start new conversations every week because it isn’t something I normally do, but I really enjoy meeting new people and it helps me build better conversation skills, which will come in handy with my business endeavors. These conversations always start very awkwardly, but over time, you feel like you’ve known the other person for a long time. Other classmates might hate doing these every week, but eventually they will thank Glenn when it comes in handy. I know I continue to repeat myself, but I’m glad that Glenn has made this a requirement in his class because it really builds necessary skills that you just don’t get in many other classes.


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