Week 4-Artist Interview-Makaila Palmer

image                     image

The artist’s gallery that I enjoyed most this week and thought was very creative was Makaila Palmer’s. Makaila seemed very inviting and down to earth in her interview. Her paintings were located in the Gatov-West gallery and the thing that drew me in most was that every painting had a certain dominant color. She said that she only used the colors found in the bills that were native to that specific country for each painting because she was fascinated with them. Also in her paintings, she included a bridge in the middle that was featured on that specific euro.

When asked more details about her inspiration, she said that the countries she visited in Europe were beautiful and really inspired her. She said that the top part of the paintings were landscapes of the countries she visited and the bottom parts were places she visited while there or certain features that described the country. Makaila paints best when she is at school and she says that when she gets critiqued on her work, she doesn’t take it to heart because she knows what she created is great and what she is passionate about. She makes a good point, in that your best work always comes from what you are passionate about and to always do what you love.

Makaila’s paintings and creativity made me want to visit all of the beautiful places that she went to. She said that her favorite place to visit and paint was the pink one, Dublin. It’s great getting to see what all of these artists are passionate about and learning more background information about them. It lets you see how similar you are to them and overall gives you more insight into other people’s lives. I would love to have the opportunity to be able to travel to all of the places that Makaila visited when I get a little older and I hope that she continues to gain recognition for her amazing work.


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