Week 4-Activity-The Kyle Show

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So this week in my Art 110 class, we were given the assignment “The Mina Show.” When Glenn was telling us about it on Tuesday, I was actually having a hard time thinking of what I could do for this week’s activity. It was described to be performance art, something you normally wouldn’t do and getting out of your comfort zone a bit. I then had the idea of becoming a kid again, when you wouldn’t care about how you look or what you were doing, to complete this activity. I decided to go to a local park and play on the playground and do all of the things I thought were fun when I was younger.

I had a great time playing around and reverting back to a kid’s mindset. These moments remind me of all of the fun times I had with my family. They would take me and my sister to various parks and let us run wild. We would roll down big grass hills on our sides, bring our toys and play with them in the grass, and meet other kids and play games with them. The idea of going somewhere was always a new adventure and a chance to explore. The world seemed like a huge playground and you never had any worries or any deadlines.

What I’ve realized is that when I was a kid, I always wanted to be older so I could do more things, but now that I’m an adult, being a kid was the best because you always had fun and you were innocent. The activity this week was really versatile and fun because there were a variety of things you could do to express yourself. It gave everyone a chance to grow and/or reflect back on past experiences. Even though some people who were at the park gave me some strange looks, I didn’t mind because for this amount of time, I had the mindset of a kid and had the opportunity to just have fun with no worries.


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