Week 3-Student Interview-Jay Tilva


This week, I met a very nice and funny student named Jay Tilva. From the very beginning of the conversation, I knew that he would be an easy person to talk to and I quickly realized that we have a lot in common. For starters, he and his family have been Laker fans since they were born. He said that his family would gather around the TV and watch Laker games whenever they were on and that is exactly what my family does, even though it’s hard to watch right now. Also, similar to me, he doesn’t have a favorite football team but loves to watch it because he played football in high school. He was a wide receiver and a good player, but unfortunately he got injured at the end of his junior year and couldn’t play senior year.

Some other things we had in common were we are both sophomores, we love to travel to different places every time because it’s an amazing experience, and we are both business majors, with him focusing on international studies. He also told me that he was born in India and grew up there for a while before moving out here to California. Even though I wasn’t born in India, the way he described what it was like there sounded somewhat similar to how my dad and his family grew up in New York. Both places are pretty busy on the streets, and they both have their really good and beautiful parts and also their bad and dangerous parts.

It was awesome making another friend this week and hopefully we’ll have some classes in the future together. I’m having an amazing time meeting new people from this class and I’m happy that Glenn Zucman has made this one of the things we do every week. This is cool because most of the time, people aren’t comfortable going up to a stranger and starting a conversation with them. These conversations help us work on our communication skills and gives us friends for the future.


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