Week 3-Artist Interview-Yireh Elaine Kwak


The artist’s work that I enjoyed the most this week was Yireh Elaine Kwak’s paintings. She and her friend, Maryann Gonzalez, shared their work in the Gatov West gallery. Her work was really interesting and I really liked her “Walk in the Park” painting since it consisted of three canvases combining to make one huge picture. She said that in this piece, she wanted each one to be strong enough on its own, but together create beautiful scenery. She said that her inspiration for her paintings came from where she lived, which was on top of a hill, overlooking cities and many environments.

Many of the pictures I took were of Maryann’s work because I liked her black and white ones and some of the city paintings. I thought that they were very detailed and accurately described her feelings and the changing of times in the construction picture. Yireh’s paintings were all oil-based because she said that the colors turn out better and are brighter than using a different material. Both of their paintings were really creative and it was nice that they had a variety of simple and complex pieces. Yireh’s “Flamingo Flower” painting was very simple, but spoke to me because of the contrast of colors and because of the variety of flowers my mom grows in the backyard. I remember helping her plant some of them and these types of pictures bring me back to that moment in time.

Another picture that stood out was “Distraction Disruption” by Maryann. I loved how the little spark of color in the middle of the drawing helped liven up the black and white background. I also noticed the different distractions in the rear view mirror of the drawing, like the blindfolded people and using your phone behind the wheel. This drawing was really powerful to me because we see that a lot nowadays, with many people not being able to wait to respond to a text while driving, and people overall just not paying enough attention while driving. I actually look forward now to going to the galleries and seeing what new works of art there are. You can never look at too much art because your attitude that day can change how you see it.


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