Week 3-Activity-Instagram

image                      image

This week’s use of Instagram for my Art 110 activity was very different and fun. I have used Instagram before this activity, but it was different because I usually only make one post per day and don’t post too often. I enjoyed documenting my day through Instagram, from the foggy morning to the exciting basketball game in the Pyramid that night. It was also very cool to see what my classmates were doing throughout the day as well. It helped show me how similar I am to some people and how different I am from others.

It’s cool to be able to group all of the pictures our class took that day and see everyone’s life through their eyes. Everyone has a different way of presenting themselves online and they also have a unique way of seeing things and taking photos. I noticed a lot of people post pictures of food and the artwork from our visit to the galleries. Even though those were the main posts, there was a ton of variety, from pictures of nature, to pets, and selfies.

As a class, we are all similar and different in many ways. We are all young adults who go to the same school and face many challenges that come up daily. We are also different in that we live in different places, have various feelings that change quickly, have different priorities, and many personalities. Being able to see other people’s photos gives me a little insight into what their lives are like and shows me how similar and different we are at the same time. This project was very interesting and it would be cool to see the photos that all the students who go to CSULB take daily if we created a school-wide hashtag for all big events that happen every year.


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