Week 2-Student Interview-Matthew Do


My conversation with a student this week was with Matthew Do, a very cool guy and easy to talk to. I first met him when he asked me for an index card to make his ID card for the week. After that, I learned that his major is Nutrition, and that his favorite place to be in the world is Tahiti. He told me that he traveled there for the first time when he was in 7th grade, and it was like Hawaii times 100. I then told him that my parents got engaged in Tahiti and many other crazy stories that happened to them when they were there.

When we looked through the art galleries on Thursday, we both thought that Gianina’s gallery in the Merlino Gallery was the best because of the personality she exuded in each piece. His favorite one was “Daddy’s Girl”, which was a letter from her dad on top of a vinyl record. I liked that one, but my favorite was the “Love Mom” piece. After that, I learned that we were both much more artistic when we were younger, he went to my rival high school, Edison, and that we are both sophomores.

It is really great getting to meet new people in this class because you don’t really have the same opportunity in other classes and it makes your experience in that class more fun. I can’t wait to meet even more new people in the following weeks and become friends with most of them.


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