Week 2-Artist Interview-Gianina Nunez


This was the first week of going to the art galleries on campus and having a conversation with one of the artists for my art class. I was able to check out all of the art galleries, and I decided that Gianina Nunez’ gallery in the Merlino Gallery was my favorite one. When I walked inside, I first noticed that each painting was personalized with a little note or letter that was sentimental. I really liked that about her paintings because that makes them unique to anyone else’s work and each piece has a special meaning to her. She used a lot of bright colors in her work that made the paintings pop from the wall and all of her work was oil-based.

In my conversation with her, she said that she has been painting since she was nine and that it has always been a passion of hers. She also said that when she really focuses on her work, she can finish each piece in about two to three weeks. One of my favorite works was the “Love Mom :)” painting because when I was growing up, my mom would always write a note to me and my sister and end it with “Love Mom”. The picture spoke to me because it took me back to my childhood and made me remember all of the nice letters my mom wrote to me and many of the fun times in my childhood.

I had a great first time looking at all of the art galleries on CSULB. I actually didn’t know we had something like that until I took this class. Everyone else’s work was very good too, but Gianina’s was my personal favorite mainly because of the sentimentality behind each one. It sort of gives a piece of her background of her life in each one and I wish Gianina Nunez much success in the future.


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