Week 2-Activity-Painting

image      image

The art activity this week in my Art 110 class was graffiti painting using spray cans. I had to create my name in bubble letters using two different colors of paint, black and gold, on a piece of cardboard in my backyard. To start off this project, I created my name on the piece of cardboard using a pencil, and just turned off the rational side of my brain and turned on my creative side. Once I finished drawing the bubble form and the shading to make the letters pop a bit, I turned to the spray paint and tried my hand with graffiti writing for the first time. I learned an important lesson when I started this part.

I learned very quickly that doing this type of art takes many hours of practice and becoming more and more creative. At first, I thought this was going to be an easy assignment and that the final product would turn out exactly how I wanted and planned. I first learned that you need to make sure that the tip is facing where you want to spray. I thought I was spraying straightforward, but I was actually spraying sideways the first few times I tried because pressing down on the tip is a little tricky. Next, I learned that you need to let more time pass between layers of paint. I layered my black and gold colors a little too quickly and they started to overlap and mix.

I had a few other problems during this experience too with shading some parts a little too much and others not enough, and not getting the 3D effect on my letters that I initially planned to have. All of these issues were a little frustrating since my project didn’t turn out how I wish it did, but I’m glad that these problems occurred. I was able to learn from them, I now know how much work it takes to make a great piece, and I have much more respect for these types of artists who create these great works. I don’t really care for people who just tag up a building, especially if it’s new, with just their name or a word. However, if it is on legal property, I love seeing these artists create murals or pictures to help liven up that place and it lets them show their creativity to the world.


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